DAP011 PDF Datasheet – PWM Current-Mode Controller

Part Number: DAP011

Function: PWM Current-Mode Controller

Package: SO-14 Pin type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


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DAP011 image


Housed in an SO−14 package, the DAP011/DAP011C represents an enhanced version of the Maximus, DAP008, controller. Due to its high drive capability, SpeedKing drives large gate−charge MOSFETs which, together with internal ramp compensation and a user selectable frequency jittering, ease the design of modern AC/DC adapters. With an internal structure operating at a fixed 65/100 kHz frequency, the controller directly connects to the high−voltage rail for a loss less and clean startup sequence. Current−mode control also provides an excellent input audio−susceptibility and inherent pulse−by−pulse control. Internal ramp compensation easily prevents subharmonic oscillations from taking place in continuous conduction mode designs. When the current setpoint falls below a given value, e.g. the output power demand diminishes, the IC automatically enters the so−called skip cycle mode and provides excellent efficiency at light loads.


• Current−Mode Control with Adjustable Skip−Cycle Capability

• Internal Ramp Compensation

• Adjustable Frequency Jittering for Better EMI Signature

• Auto−Recovery Internal Output Short−Circuit Protection

• Adjustable Timer for Improved Short−Circuit Protection

• Dedicated Latch Input


Typical Applications:

• High Power AC/DC Converters for TVs, Set−Top Boxes, etc.

• Offline Adapters for Notebooks

• All Power Supplies


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DAP011 Datasheet