GB15B60KD PDF – 600V, 15A, IGBT, IRGB15B60KD

Part Number: GB15B60KD, IRGB15B60KD

Function: 600V, 15A, IGBT

Package: TO-220AB Type

Manufacturer: International Rectifier

Images:GB15B60KD pinout datasheet


GB15B60KD is 600V, 15A, IGBT. An Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistor (IGBT) with an Ultrafast Soft Recovery Diode is a specialized power semiconductor device that combines the characteristics of an IGBT and a fast recovery diode into a single package. This combination enhances the performance and efficiency of certain power electronics applications, particularly in high-frequency switching circuits.


• Low VCE (on) Non Punch Through IGBT Technology.

• Low Diode VF.

• 10µs Short Circuit Capability.

• Square RBSOA.

• Ultrasoft Diode Reverse Recovery Characteristics.

• Positive VCE (on) Temperature Coefficient.


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GB15B60KD pdf igbt

IGBTs with integrated ultrafast soft recovery diodes are commonly used in high-frequency switching applications, such as motor drives for electric vehicles, renewable energy inverters, and switch-mode power supplies.

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Tc = 25°C)

1. Collector to emitter Voltage: Vces = 600 V

2. Gate to emitter Voltage: Vges = ± 20 V

3. Collector Current: Ic = 31 A

4. Maximum Power Dissipation: Pd = 208 W

5. Junction temperature: Tj = 150 °C

6. Storage temperature: Tstg = -55 to +150 °C


• Benchmark Efficiency for Motor Control.

• Rugged Transient Performance.

• Low EMI.

• Excellent Current Sharing in Parallel Operation

GB15B60KD PDF Datasheet