GPD2806A PDF – IC for Non-screen MP3 Player

Part Number: GPD2806A

Function: User Manual – Non-screen MP3 player applications designed chip

Package: SOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Chipkingdom

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GPD2806A is a chip specially designed for the application of MP3 player without screen card. For different content storage devices, it provides the function of reading SD card and T-flash card and playing MP3. It can also be connected to a PC via USB as a card reader. It can also automatically determine whether there is an external FM receiving chip to determine whether to open the radio function or not. .

For the planning of external buttons, GPD2806A operates 3~5 buttons through 3 IO ports, which is convenient for planning of various models and different applications. The biggest feature is that GPD2806A is packaged in SOP16, which can directly push the earphones, and realizes a very cost-effective solution by omitting the crystal oscillator.



1. SD/T-flash card interface, without IO port hardware detection, the software can directly detect the insertion and removal of SD/T-flash card.

2. Play MP3 songs in SD/T-flash card.

3. It can be used as a card reader when connected to a PC, that is, USB device mass-storage.
4. No external crystal oscillator is required, saving material and production costs.

5. Control 5 external FM receiving chips through I2C, or external EEPROM.

6. The DAC output does not require a DC blocking capacitor, and can directly drive stereo headphones.

GPD2806A pinout datasheet

GPD2806A PDF Datasheet