H1601-1 PDF – 1kV, Fast Recovery Rectifier Diode

Part Number: H1601-1

Function: High Voltage / Fast Recovery Medium Current Rectifier

Manufacturer: ETC

Images:H1601-1 pdf diode rectifier


A high voltage/fast recovery medium current rectifier is a type of rectifier diode designed to handle high voltage levels, provide fast recovery times, and support medium current levels. It is commonly used in applications where high voltage rectification is required, along with the need for fast switching and medium current handling capabilities.



1. High Voltage Rating: These rectifiers are designed to withstand high voltage levels, typically ranging from several hundred volts to several kilovolts. They are used in applications where the rectification of high voltage signals is necessary, such as in power supplies and high voltage systems.

2. Fast Recovery Time: High voltage/fast recovery rectifiers have relatively short recovery times, which means they can quickly transition from the conducting state to the blocking state when the polarity of the applied voltage changes. This helps minimize switching losses and improves overall efficiency.

3. Medium Current Handling: These rectifiers are capable of handling medium current levels, typically ranging from a few amperes to tens of amperes. They are suitable for applications that require moderate power levels, such as power converters, motor drives, and industrial control systems.

H1601-1 PDF Datasheet