HR911105A PDF Datasheet – Port RJ45 Connector, Hanrun

Part Number: HR911105A

Function: Single Port RJ45 Connector

Package: Module type

Manufacturer: Hanrun ( )

HR911105A pdf datasheet hanrun


HR911105A is Single Port RJ45 Connector with Magnetic Module and LED.

An RJ45 connector, also known as an 8P8C (8 positions, 8 contacts) connector, is a standardized networking connector commonly used for Ethernet connections. It is the most prevalent type of connector for Ethernet cables and is used to connect devices like computers, routers, switches, and networked peripherals in both home and business networking environments.

1. Modular Connector: RJ45 connectors are modular connectors, meaning they are designed to be easily terminated with twisted-pair cables, often using a crimping tool. The connector itself can be attached to the cable’s end, making it a modular and replaceable part of the network cable.

2. Ethernet Connectivity: RJ45 connectors are primarily used for Ethernet connections, including various Ethernet standards like 10/100BASE-T (Fast Ethernet) and 1000BASE-T (Gigabit Ethernet). They are found on both Ethernet cables and the Ethernet ports of devices like computers, switches, routers, and networked devices.


1. Designed for Network Interface Card Application

2. Meets or Exceeds IEEE802.3 standards including 350uH Min OCL with 8mADC

3. High performance for EMI supperssion, Crosstalk, Return Loss and Consistent Electrical

4. Minimum 1500Vrms isolation per IEEE802.3 requirement.

5. Minimize PCB space and Simplify PCB Layout

6. Less magnetic components to place on PCB, Higher reliability and yields.



HR911105A PDF Datasheet

HR911105A pdf

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