Hi3520 – H.264 Encoding and Decoding Processor

Part Number: Hi3520

Function: H.264 Encoding and Decoding Processor

Manufacturer: HiSilicon

Images:Hi3520 pdf pinout


The Hi3520 processor system is built on the basis of high-performance ARM1176 and ARM926 dual-core processors, and the processing frequency of ARM1176 CPU (Central Processing Unit) reaches 600MHz.

ARM1176 is the main control processor, and ARM926 is the video and audio service control processor. The dual-core architecture will be able to provide more flexible and rich application services and higher performance audio and video services. The processor system mainly includes the following parts: ARM1176 processor: As the main control CPU of the whole system, it cooperates with the hardware accelerator to complete audio and video codec functions and system scheduling operations. The processor embeds 16KB instruction cache and 16KB data cache, embeds 2KB instruction tightly coupled memory ITCM (Instruction Tightly-Coupled Memory), and the operating frequency can reach 600MHz.


Hi3520 datasheet


1. Direct Memory Access Controller: DMAC (Direct Memory Access Controller)
Data transfer between devices, between peripherals and peripherals, between memory and memory.

2. interrupt system: provides interrupt management functions for the system. 32 interrupt sources are supported.

3. Clock: Provides clock management for the entire system, including chip main clock management, gate clock management of each module

4. Reset: Unified management of the reset of the entire system and the reset of each functional module, including: power-on reset
management and control, system soft reset, function module individual soft reset control.

5. Timer: Provide 4 groups of Dual-Timers, and each group of Dual-Timers provides 2 independent timers.

6. Watchdog: used to reset the entire system when the system is abnormal.

7. Real-time clock: used to realize time display and timing alarm function.

Hi3520 PDF Datasheet