8086 PDF – CMOS 16-Bit Microprocessor

Part Number: 8086

Function: CMOS 16-Bit Microprocessor

Package: DIP 40 Pin type, PLCC 44 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Intersil

Images:8086 pdf microprocessor


This is CMOS 16-Bit Microprocessor.  A CMOS 16-bit microprocessor refers to a microprocessor architecture that utilizes complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) technology and has a data width of 16 bits. The term “16-bit” indicates the width of the data bus and registers within the microprocessor.

The Intersil 8086 high performance 16-bit CMOS CPU is manufactured using a self-aligned silicon gate CMOS process (Scaled SAJI IV). Two modes of operation, minimum for small systems and maximum for larger applications such as multiprocessing, allow user configuration to achieve the highest performance level. Full TTL compatibility (with the exception of CLOCK) and industry standard operation allow use of existing NMOS 8086 hardware and software designs.


• Compatible with NMOS 8086

• Completely Static CMOS Design
– DC: 5MHz (80C86)
– DC: 8MHz (80C86-2)

• Low Power Operation
– lCCSB: 500µA Max
– ICCOP: 10mA/MHz Typ

• 1MByte of Direct Memory Addressing Capability

• 24 Operand Addressing Modes

• Bit, Byte, Word and Block Move Operations

• 8-Bit and 16-Bit Signed/Unsigned Arithmetic

– Binary, or Decimal

– Multiply and Divide

8086 pinout datasheet

8086 PDF Datasheet

8086 pdf

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