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The ISL95836 is a specific part number associated with a power management integrated circuit (PMIC) manufactured by Intersil Corporation (now part of Renesas Electronics). PMICs like the ISL95836 are used in electronic devices, such as laptops and other portable devices, to manage and regulate power delivery to various components within the device.

The Part Number is ISL95836, ISL95836HRTZ, ISL95836IRTZ.

The Marking Code is 95836HRTZ, 95836IRTZ

The function of this semiconductor is 3+2 Voltage Regulator.

The package is TQFN 40 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Intersil

Product Image:

ISL95836 pdf intersil


Compliant with IMVP-7/VR12, the ISL95836 provides a complete solution for microprocessor and graphic processor core power supply. It provides two Voltage Regulators (VRs) with three integrated gate drivers. The first VR can be configured as 3-, 2- or 1-phase VR while the second VR could be configured as 2- or 1-phase VR, providing maximum flexibility.

The ISL95836 has several other key features. Both outputs support DCR current sensing with single NTC thermistor for DCR temperature compensation or accurate resistor current sensing. Both outputs come with remote voltage sense, programmable VBOOT voltage, IMAX and switching frequency, adjustable OC protection and separate Power-Good.


• Serial Data Bus

• Dual Outputs :
(1) Configurable 3-, 2- or 1-phase for the 1st Output using 2 integrated Gate Drivers
(2) Configurable 2- or 1-phase for the 2nd Output using an Integrated Gate Driver

• Differential Remote Voltage Sensing

• Programmable VBOOT Voltage at Start-up


ISL95836 datasheet pinout

ISL95836 PDF Datasheet

ISL95836 pdf