K3562M PDF Datasheet – IF Filter for Quasi / split Sound

This post explains for the SAW.

The Part Number is K3562M, B39380-K3562-M201.

The function of this semiconductor is IF Filter.

Manufacturer: EPCOS

Preview images :K3562M pdf filter

Pin configuration
1 Input
2 Chip carrier – ground
3 Output – sound
4 Output – picture
5 Output – picture


K3562M is SAW Component, IF Filter for Quasi/Split Sound.

Applications Data Sheet Standard s B/G s D/K s I K 3562 M 38,00 MHz Plastic package SIP5K


1. TV IF filter for quasi/split sound applications (separate picture and sound channel)

2. Picture channel with Nyquist slope and sound suppression, symmetrical output

3. Customized group delay predistortion

4. Sound channel with pass band for sound carri- ers between 31,5 MHz and 32,5 MHz


1. Tinned CuFe alloy Dimensions in mm, approx. weight 1,0 g Pin configuration 1 2 3 4 5 Input Chip carrier – ground Output – sound Output – picture Output – picture Type K 3562 M Ordering code B39380-K3562-M201 Marking and package according to C61157-A1-A15 Packing according to F61074-V8067-Z000 Maximum ratings Operating temperature range TA Storage temperature range Tstg DC voltage AC voltage –25/+65 –40/+85 5 10 ˚C ˚C V V between any terminals between any […]

K3562M datasheet epcos

K3562M PDF Datasheet

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