JC201DC PDF Datasheet – AC Solid State Relay

Part Number: JC201DC

Function: AC Solid State Relay

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Jelsystem ( http://www.jelsystem.co.jp )

Images:JC201DC pdf relay


JC201DC is AC Solid State Relay. An AC Solid State Relay (AC SSR) is an electronic device used for switching alternating current (AC) loads without the need for mechanical contacts, like those found in traditional electromechanical relays. Solid state relays are more reliable, have faster switching speeds, and offer longer lifetimes compared to their mechanical counterparts.

AC SSRs use semiconductor devices, typically thyristors (also known as SCR – Silicon Controlled Rectifiers) or triacs, to control the switching of AC loads. These devices can handle high voltage and current levels, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

The operation of an AC SSR involves using a low-power control signal, usually from a microcontroller or digital logic circuit, to trigger the internal semiconductor device, which then allows current to flow through the AC load circuit. AC SSRs often include features like zero-crossing detection, which helps minimize inrush current and reduces electromagnetic interference (EMI) by ensuring that the relay is turned on and off at points where the AC voltage waveform crosses zero.


1. Dielectric strength between input and output VISO = 4,000Vrms.

JC201DC datasheet pinout

JC201DC PDF Datasheet

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