KT819 PDF – NPN Transistor, TO-220

Part Number: KT819

Function: NPN Transistor

Package: TO-220 Type

Manufacturer: ETC

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KT819 is silicon bipolar epitaxial-planar n-p-n transistor.

Purpose n-p-n silicon epitaxial-planar transistor in a plastic case. Designed for use in key and linear circuits; other radio-electronic equipment manufactured for the national economy Number of technical conditions • аАО.336.189 TU / 02 Features • operating temperature range from -45 to + 100 °С Case design • plastic case KT-28 (TO-220) Pin assignment Conclusion No.

1 No. 2 No. 3 Purpose Emitter Collector Base KT819 (January 2011, edition 1.0) 1 Table 1. The main electrical parameters of KT819 at Tacr. environment = + 25 °C Parameters Reverse collector current Static current transfer coefficient KT819A, V KT819B KT819G Boundary voltage

KT819A KT819B KT819V KT819G Collector-emitter saturation voltage Designation rev. mA Measurement modes Ukb=40V Ukb = 5 V, Ie =5 A Min Max 1 15 20 12 V Ie =0.3 A, ti = 270÷330 µs 25 40 60 80 2 Ukeo gr Uke us V Ik=5A, Ib=0.5A Parameters Collector-emitter DC voltage at Reb ≤ 1 kΩ KT819A KT819B KT819V KT819G Emitter-base voltage Collector DC current Collector pulse current ti ≤ 10 ms, Q ≥ 100 Maximum allowable base DC current Base pulse current ti ≤ 10 ms, Q ≥ 100 bldg. ≤ 25 °C Uke max Unit. rev. V Value 40 50 70 100 5 10 15 3 5 60 Ueb max Ik max Iki max Ib max Ibi max Pk max V A A A A W KT819 (January 2011, edition 1.0) 2 JSC “INTEGRAL”, Minsk, Republic of Belarus Attention! This technical specification is for guidance only and is not intended to replace an actual copy of the specification or product label.

KT819 pdf

KT819 PDF Datasheet