LGEF4109 PDF – SAW Filter – LEG

Part Number: LGEF4109

Function: SAW Filter

Package: Surface-mount ceramic QCC8D type

Manufacturer: Luguang Electronic

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LGEF4109 pdf filter


This is LGE, F4109 SAW Filter. A SAW filter, also known as a Surface Acoustic Wave filter, is an electronic component used in communication systems to filter and shape electrical signals based on the principle of surface acoustic wave propagation.

1. Filter Operation: SAW filters utilize surface acoustic waves generated on a piezoelectric substrate, typically made of quartz or lithium niobate. These waves propagate along the surface of the substrate, allowing for effective filtering of electrical signals.

2. Frequency Selectivity: SAW filters offer high selectivity and can provide precise frequency response characteristics. They are capable of filtering out unwanted frequencies and allowing only desired frequencies to pass through.

The LGEF4109 is a low-loss, compact, and economical surface-acoustic-wave (SAW) RF filter in a surface-mount ceramic QCC8D case with center frequency 433.920 MHz.

1. Package Dimension (QCC8D) Pin 1 5 2, 3, 6, 7 4, 8 Configuration Input Output Ground Case Ground 2. Marking 3. Matching Circuit LGE F4109 Laser Marking 4. Typical Frequency Response Free Datasheet http:/// LGE F4109 SAW Filter 5. Performance 5-1. Maximum Ratings Rating Input Power Level DC Voltage Operable Temperature Range Storage Temperature Range P V DC TA T stg Value 10 12 -10 to +65 -40 to +85 Unit dBm V ℃ ℃ 5-2. Electronic Characteristics Characteristic Center Frequency Insertion Loss 433.760 …. 434.140 MHz Relative Attenuation (relative to IL) f C – 21.4 MHz f C – 10.7 MHz Ultimate Amplitude Ripple (p-p) 433.760 …. 434.140 MHz α rel fC IL -38 35 48 -3.0 48 45 60 -4.5 —1.0 dB dB dB dB dB Minimum -Typical 433.920 Maximum -Unit MHz  […]


5-1. Maximum Ratings

(1) Rating Value Unit

(2) Input Power Level P 10 dBm

(3) DC Voltage VDC 12 V

(4) Operable Temperature Range TA -10 to +65 ℃

(5) Storage Temperature Range Tstg -40 to +85 ℃


LGEF4109 datasheet

LGEF4109 PDF Datasheet