NFM41R11C222 PDF – 2200pF, Chip EMI Suppression Filter

This post describes for the filter.

The Part Number is NFM41R11C222.

The function of this semiconductor is CHIP EMI SUPPRESSION FILTER.

The manufacturer of this part is Murata.

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NFM41R11C222 pdf filter


NFM41R11C222 is 2200pF chip EMI suppression filter.

A 2200pF chip EMI suppression filter refers to an electronic component used for reducing or suppressing electromagnetic interference (EMI) in a circuit. The “2200pF” specification denotes the capacitance value of the filter, which is 2200 picofarads.

EMI suppression filters are commonly used to attenuate high-frequency noise or interference generated by electronic devices or circuits. They are especially useful in applications where electromagnetic emissions need to be minimized to ensure proper operation of nearby sensitive components or to comply with electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) regulations.

The chip solid EMIFIL NFM40R/NFM41R series is a chip type 3-terminal EMI suppression filter. It can reduce residual inductance to an extremely low level making it excellent for noise suppression at high frequencies. An electrostatic capacitance range of 22pF to 22000pF enables suppression of noise at specific frequencies. (The array type NFA series is also available.)


1. The series is compact and thin : th0.7mm and 1.0mm.
2. The filter offers a high level of noise suppression.
3. The filter has excellent high-frequency characteristics.


1. EMI suppression in various electronic equipment
2. EMI suppression of AC signal lines and DC power lines
3. Severe EMI suppression and high impedance circuits such as digital circuits

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3. Circuit Composition
4. Characteristics
5. Packaging Code T1 : Taped, B1 : Bulk package

NFM41R11C222 pinout datasheet

NFM41R11C222 PDF Datasheet

880094 PDF Datasheet – 1575.42 MHz GPS L1 BAW Filter

Part Number: 880094

Function: 1575.42 MHz GPS L1 BAW Filter

Manufacturer: TriQuint Semiconductor

Images:880094 pdf pinout


880094 is 1575.42 MHz GPS L1 BAW Filter. BAW stands for Bulk Acoustic Wave, and a BAW filter is a type of electronic filter used in radio frequency (RF) and wireless communication systems to selectively pass or reject specific frequency bands. BAW filters are based on the principle of utilizing acoustic waves propagating through a piezoelectric material to filter RF signals.

BAW filters have become increasingly popular in modern RF and wireless communication systems due to their excellent performance characteristics and ability to handle high-frequency bands. They are commonly used in various applications, including cellular phones, Wi-Fi devices, Bluetooth devices, GPS receivers, and other wireless communication devices.



1. Usable bandwidth 25 MHz

2. Low loss

3. High selectivity

4. Single-ended operation

5. Ceramic chip-scale Package (CSP)

6. Small Size

7. Hermetic RoHS compliant, Pb-free

Functional Block Diagram I/O I/O GND Pin Configuration Overall width, length, and thickness are the only critical dimensions. All other dimensions are for reference only. Dimensions shown are nominal in millimeters All tolerances are 0.13mm except overall length and width 0.25mm Body: Sapphire Package: Alumina Terminations: Au plating 0.5 – 2.5 m, over a 2.0 – 6.0  m Ni plating Pin # SE-Balanced I/O GND Description Input/Output Ground Ordering Information Part No. 880094 880094 Eval Board Description packaged part evaluation board Data Sheet: Rev B 12/2011 © 2011 TriQuint Semiconductor, Inc. – 1 of 6 – Disclaimer: Subject to change without notice e Connecting the Digital World to the Global Network


880094 datasheet


1. For GPS L1 Applications

2. For high-selectivity applications

880094 PDF Datasheet