MAX125 PDF – Simultaneous-Sampling 14-Bit DAS

Part Number: MAX125

Function: 2×4-Channel / Simultaneous-Sampling 14-Bit DAS

Package: SSOP 36 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Maxim


MAX125 pdf datasheet


A 14-bit data acquisition system refers to a system that is capable of digitizing analog signals with a resolution of 14 bits. In data acquisition, analog signals from sensors or sources are converted into digital data for processing, analysis, or storage.

The resolution of a data acquisition system determines the level of detail or precision with which the analog signal is converted to digital form. In the case of a 14-bit system, the analog signal is divided into 2^14 (16,384) discrete levels, resulting in a higher resolution compared to lower-bit systems.

The MAX125, MAX126 are high-speed, multichannel, 14-bit data-acquisition systems (DAS) with simultaneous track/holds (T/Hs). These devices contain a 14-bit, 3µs, successive-approximation analog-to-digital converter (ADC), a +2.5V reference, a buffered reference input, and a bank of four simultaneous-sampling T/H amplifiers that preserve the relative phase information of the sampled inputs. The MAX125/MAX126 have two multiplexed inputs for each T/H, allowing a total of eight inputs. In addition, the converter is overvoltage tolerant to ±17V; a fault condition on any channel will not harm the IC. Available input ranges are ±5V (MAX125) and ±2.5V (MAX126).



1. Four Simultaneous-Sampling T/H Amplifiers with Two Multiplexed Inputs (eight single-ended inputs total)

2. 3µs Conversion Time per Channel

3. Throughput: 250ksps (1 channel) 142ksps (2 channels) 100ksps (3 channels) 76ksps (4 channels)

4. Fault-Protected Input Multiplexer (±17V)

5. Internal +2.5V or External Reference Operation

6. Programmable On-Board Sequencer

7. High-Speed Parallel DSP Interface  […]

MAX125 pinout maxim


1. Multiphase Motor Control

2. Power-Grid Synchronization

3. Power-Factor Monitoring

4. Digital Signal Processing

5. Vibration and Waveform Analysis

MAX125 PDF Datasheet