MP1482 PDF – Step-Down Converter

A synchronous rectified step-down converter, also known as a synchronous buck converter, is a type of DC-DC (Direct Current to Direct Current) converter commonly used in power electronics. It is designed to efficiently step down a higher voltage to a lower voltage while minimizing power losses.

The synchronous rectified step-down converter typically consists of a high-side MOSFET (Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field-Effect Transistor), a low-side MOSFET, an inductor, and a diode. The operation of the converter involves switching the MOSFETs to control the flow of current through the inductor, thus stepping down the voltage.

Part Number: MP1482

Function: 2A 18V Synchronous Rectified Step-Down Converter

Package: SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Monolithic Power Systems ( )

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The MP1482 is a monolithic synchronous buck regulator. The device integrates two 130mΩ MOSFETs, and provides 2A of continuous load current over a wide input voltage of 4.75V to 18V. Current mode control provides fast transient response and cycle-by-cycle current limit. An adjustable soft-start prevents inrush current at turn-on, and in shutdown mode the supply current drops to 1μA. [ … ]



MP1482 pinout datasheet


1. Wide 4.75V to 18V Operating Input Range
2. Integrated 130mΩ Power MOSFET Switches
3. Output Adjustable from 0.923V to 15V
4. Up to 93% Efficiency
5. Programmable Soft-Start
6. Stable with Low ESR Ceramic Output Capacitors
7. Fixed 340kHz Frequency
8. Cycle-by-Cycle Over Current Protection
9. Input Under Voltage Lockout


1. Distributed Power Systems
2. Networking Systems
3. FPGA, DSP, ASIC Power Supplies
4. Green Electronics/ Appliances
5. Notebook Computers

MP1482 Datasheet

MP1482 pdf