MP258 PDF – 800V, 25A, Single Phase Bridge Rectifier

This post explains for the Bridge Rectifier.

The Part Number is MP258.

The function of this semiconductor is 800V, 25 Amp, Single Phase Bridge Rectifier.

Manufacturer: MCC

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MP258 pdf


A 25A, single-phase bridge rectifier is a specific type of bridge rectifier designed to handle a maximum forward current of 25A in a single-phase AC (alternating current) power system. It is commonly used in applications that require rectification of high-current AC power into DC power.

When selecting a 25A, single-phase bridge rectifier, it is important to consider factors such as maximum voltage and current ratings, forward voltage drop, reverse recovery time, and package type.

Features Features:

· Mounting Hole For #8 Screw
· Plastic Case With Metal Bottom
· Any Mounting Position
· Surge Rating Of 300 Amp

1. Maximum Forward Current: The bridge rectifier is rated to handle a maximum forward current of 25A. This rating indicates the maximum continuous current that can flow through the rectifier without exceeding its specified limits.

2. Maximum Voltage Rating: The bridge rectifier will also have a maximum voltage rating, indicating the highest voltage it can withstand in the reverse direction without breakdown. The voltage rating should be chosen to accommodate the voltage levels present in the AC power system.

3. Bridge Configuration: The bridge rectifier typically consists of four diodes arranged in a bridge configuration. This configuration allows for full-wave rectification, meaning that it converts both halves of the AC waveform into DC.


Catalog Number:

MP2505 50V 35V 50V
MP251 100V 70V 100V
MP252 200V 140V 200V
MP254 400V 280V 400V
MP256 600V 420V 600V
MP2510 MP2510 1000v 700V 1000v […]

MP258 rectifier diode

MP258 PDF Datasheet