MT8292 PDF Datasheet – Audio Multiplexer

Part Number: MT8292

Function: Audio Multiplexer with Headphone Driver & PGA Output

Package: QFN 56 Pin Type

Manufacturer: MediaTek

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The MediaTek MT8292 introduces the advantages of an input multiplexer, the headphone driver and the PGA outputs. The MT8292 performs 8:1 stereo input multiplexer. The analog input pins can  either independently support GPIO function or provide extra GPIO pins to use.

Each of the stereo PGA outputs as well as a headphone driver can reach 2Vrms in a 9V or 12V supply environment. On the other hand, through the two wire control, the MT8292 can control the digital function of the host IC (ie., the MT538x for example). Together with an external audio ADC and an audio DAC, the MT8292 can reach high voltage and gain output. […]

MT8292 pinout datasheet


1. Allows 2Vrms input swing from analog input and supports 2Vrms PGA output
2. MUTE and PGA function
3. Headphone driver output
4. Stereo PGA gain control from 15dB to -36dB for each output
5. Headphone PGA gain from 21dB to -36dB for output
6. Two Wire control
7. General purpose I/O function

MT8292 PDF Datasheet