MX1515 PDF Datasheet – Brush DC Motor Driver

Part Number: MX1515

Function: Brush DC motor driver

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sinotech Mixic Electronics

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This product provides an integrated brushed DC motor drive solution for battery powered toys, low voltage or battery powered motion control applications. The circuit integrates a two-channel H-bridge drive circuit designed with N-channel and P-channel power MOSFETs, which is suitable for driving electric toy cars steering wheel and rear-wheel drive. The circuit has a wide operating voltage range (from 2V to 9.6V), the maximum continuous output current of steering wheel drive reaches 1.5A, the maximum peak output current reaches 2.5A, the maximum continuous output current of rear wheel drive reaches 1.5A, and the maximum peak output current reaches 1.5A. The current reaches 2.5A. The drive circuit has a built-in overheat protection circuit. When the load current through the drive circuit is much larger than the maximum continuous current of the circuit, the junction temperature of the chip inside the circuit will rise rapidly due to the limitation of the heat dissipation capacity of the package. Once the set value (typical value of 150°C) is exceeded, the internal circuit will immediately shut down. Cut off the output power tube, cut off the load current, and avoid the safety hazards such as smoke and fire caused by the plastic package caused by the continuous increase of temperature. The built-in temperature hysteresis circuit ensures that the circuit can be controlled again only after the circuit returns to a safe temperature. […]

MX1515 pdf pinout


1. Low standby current (less than 0.1uA)

2. Low quiescent working current

3. Integrated H-bridge drive circuit

4. Built-in anti-common state conduction circuit

5. Power MOSFET tube with low conduction internal resistance

6. Built-in thermal protection circuit (TSD) with hysteresis effect

7. Antistatic level: 3KV (HBM).

MX1515 PDF Datasheet