What is 2N3055? – 15A, 60V, NPN Bipolar Power Transistor

What is 2N3055?

It has a maximum collector current rating of 15 amperes and a maximum collector-emitter voltage rating of 60 volts. It is designed for use in medium-power linear and switching applications, and has a low collector-emitter saturation voltage and a high current gain.

Part Number: 2N3055

Function: 15A, 60V, 115W, NPN Silicon Power Transistor

Package: TO−204AA (TO−3) Type

Manufacturer: ON Semiconductor


2N3055 Transistor


The 2N3055 is widely used in audio power amplifiers, where it is often paired with a complementary PNP transistor such as the MJ2955. It is also used in power supplies, voltage regulators, and other applications where high current and voltage ratings are required.

Complementary silicon power transistors are designed for general−purpose switching and amplifier applications.

Advantages Vs Disadvantages


1. High current rating of 15 amperes allows it to handle high-power applications

2. High current gain allows for efficient power amplification

3. Low collector-emitter saturation voltage reduces power dissipation

4. Wide availability and low cost

5. Robust and reliable design



1. Limited maximum voltage rating of 60 volts

2. Low switching speed limits its use in high-frequency applications

3. Requires a heatsink to dissipate heat generated during operation

4. Large physical size compared to newer power transistors


2N3055 Pinout Image



1. DC Current Gain − hFE= 20 -70 @ IC= 4 Adc

2. Collector−Emitter Saturation Voltage : VCE(sat)= 1.1 Vdc (Max) @ IC= 4 Adc

3. Excellent Safe Operating Area

4. Pb−Free Package is Available

2N3055 Datasheet Transistor

Absolute Maximum Ratings (Ta = 25°C)

1. Collector-Emitter Voltage : VCEO = 60 Vdc

2. Collector-Emitter Voltage : VCER = 70 Vdc

3. Collector-Base Voltage : VCB = 100 Vdc

4. Emitter-Base Voltage : VEB = 7 Vdc

5. Collector Current-Continuous : IC = 15 Adc

6. Base Current : IB = 7 Adc

7. Total Power Dissipation @ TC = 25°C : PD = 115 W

Reference Site: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2N3055

Similar Part Number

1. MJ2955: Complementary PNP transistor

2. TIP3055: Similar NPN power transistor with higher maximum voltage rating

3. MJE3055: Higher current rating and higher maximum voltage rating than this transistor

2N3055 Datasheet PDF

2N3055 pdf

Other data sheets are available within the file: 2N3055G, 2N3055H, MJ2955 ( PNP )

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