NTC-10D20 PDF Datasheet – 10 Ohm, Power NTC Thermistor

Part Number: NTC-10D20

Function: 10Ω, Power Type NTC Thermistor

Package: Radial Type

Manufacturer: EXSENSE


NTC-10D20 pdf datasheet


NTC-10D20 is 10Ω, Power Type NTC Thermistor. NTC thermistors exhibit a negative temperature coefficient, meaning their resistance decreases as the temperature rises. The rate of change in resistance with temperature is specified by the thermistor’s temperature coefficient, typically expressed in ohms per degree Celsius (Ω/°C).

PT series NTC thermistor has to be connected in series to the power source circuit to avoid the surge current at the instant when the electronic circuits are turned on. The device can effectively suppress the surge current, and its resistance and power consumption can be greatly reduced after that through the continuous effect of the current so as not to affect the normal work current. Therefore the Power NTC thermistor is the most convenient and efficient instrument to curb the surge current and protect the electronic devices from being damaged.


1. Strong power and strong capability of surge current protection.

2. Characteristics Fast response to the rapidly surge.

3. Big material constant(B value),Small remain resistance.

4. High reliability.

5. Integral series, Extensive operating range.

6. Operating Temp. -55℃~+200℃

NTC-10D20 NTC Thermistor

NTC thermistors are commonly used for temperature sensing and control in various applications. They can be employed in temperature monitoring systems, thermostats, temperature compensation circuits, and temperature-dependent circuits in electronic devices.


1. Switching power supply

2. UPS power supply, ·electric heaters

3. electronic energy-saving lamps

4. filament protection of color tubes

5. incandescent lamps and other lights.


NTC-10D20 PDF Datasheet

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