PC97551-VPC PDF Datasheet – Embedded Controller

An embedded controller, also known as an embedded microcontroller or embedded system controller, is a specialized type of microcontroller that is designed to perform specific tasks within a larger system. It is a compact and self-contained computing unit that integrates processing, memory, input/output interfaces, and often other components, all within a single chip or package.

Part Number: PC97551-VPC

Function: Embedded Controller

Package: 176-pin LQFP and FBGA Type

Manufacturer: Winbond Electronics

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The Winbond PC97551 is an embedded controller (EC) for mainstream notebook applications. It includes a highly optimized set of functions, which provide a hardware/firmware partition that enables the implementation of flexible solutions; and its high-performance CPU core enables EC functionality to be extended via the firmware.

System support functions include: watchdog, PWM, timers, interrupt control, General-Purpose I/O (GPIO) with internal keyboard matrix scanning, PS/2 Interface, SMBus interface, analog-to-digital (ADC) and digital-to-analog (DAC) converters for battery charging circuitry, system monitoring
and analog controls.




1. Host interface, based on Intel’s LPC Interface Specification Revision 1.1, August 2002

2. PC2001 Rev 1.0, and ACPI 3.0 compliant

3. 16-bit RISC core, with 2 Mbytes address space, running at up to 20 MHz

4. Shared BIOS flash memory (external)

5. 92 GPIO ports (including keyboard scanning) with a variety of wake-up events

6. JTAG-based debugger interface

PC97551-VPC datasheet


1. Embedded controllers are used in a wide range of applications

2. Including consumer electronics (smartphones, appliances),

3. Automotive systems (engine control, infotainment)

4. Industrial automation (factory machinery, robots), medical devices, aerospace systems, and more.

PC97551-VPC PDF Datasheet