PN54 PDF Datasheet – Power Inductor Unshielded – Premo

Part Number: PN54

Function: Power Inductor Unshielded

Package: SMD Type

Manufacturer: Premo ( )

Images:PN54 pdf datasheet


PN54 is Power Inductor Unshielded. Power inductors are designed to have higher inductance values and current-carrying capabilities compared to standard signal or low-power inductors. They are specifically chosen to handle larger currents without saturating. A power inductor, also known as a high-current inductor or choke, is an electronic component used in electrical circuits to store and release energy in the form of magnetic fields. It is a type of inductor designed to handle relatively high currents and is commonly used in power electronics applications.

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Power inductors find applications in various electronic devices and systems, including voltage regulators, power supplies, motor drives, DC-DC converters, and other power-related circuits. Their main purpose is to regulate and control the flow of electrical energy, ensuring smooth and stable operation of power electronics components. [ … ]

PN54 inductor

PN54 PDF Datasheet

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