PQ008GN1HZPH PDF Datasheet – Loss Voltage Regulator

Part Number: PQ008GN1HZPH

Function: Compact type Low Power-Loss Voltage Regulator

Package: Surface Mount

Manufacturer: Sharp Electrionic


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PQ008GN1HZPH image


This is Low Voltage Operation,Compact Surface Mount type Low Power-Loss Voltage Regulator.


1. Low voltage output : (VO=0.8 to 1.2V)

2. Low voltage operation: VIN(MIN)=1.7V

3. Output current : 1A

4. Built-in overcurrent and overheat protection functions

5. Conform to Flow Soldering SC-63 package

6. RoHS directive compliant […]

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1. AV equipment

2. OA equipment

Other data sheets are available within the file: PQ010GN1HZPH, PQ012GN1HZPH

PQ008GN1HZPH Datasheet

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