RF2001NS3D PDF Datasheet – 350V, 20A, Recovery Diode

Part Number: RF2001NS3D

Function: 350V, 20A, Fast Recovery Diode

Manufacturer: Rohm


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This is Super Fast Recovery Diode.


General rectification


1)Ultra low switching loss 2)High current overload capacity 3)Cathode common dual type Construction Silicon epitaxial planer Structure ROHM : LPDS JEITA : TO263S ① Manufacture Year, Week and Day Taping dimensions (Unit : mm) ①②③

Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25C) Parameter Symbol Repetitive peak reverse voltage Reverse voltage VRM VR Average rectified forward current Io Forward current surge peak Junction temperature Storage temperature IFSM Tj Tstg Conditions Duty≤0.5 Direct voltage 60Hz half sin wave resistive load , Tc=90°C 1/2 Io per diode 60Hz half sin wave, Non-repetitive one cycle peak value, Tj=25°C Limits 350 300 20 100 150 55 to 150 Unit V V A A C C Electrical characteristics (Tj=25C, per diode) Parameter Symbol Conditions Forward voltage Reverse current Reverse recovery time VF IF=10A IR VR=300V trr IF=0.5A,IR=1A,Irr=0.25×IR Thermal resistance Rth(j-c) junction to case Min. - - - - Typ. Max. 1.2 1.3 0.03 10 17 25 -2 Unit V μA ns °C/W www.rohm.com © 2011 ROHM Co., Ltd. […]

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RF2001NS3D Datasheet