RF2001NS3D PDF Datasheet – 350V, 20A, Recovery Diode

Part Number: RF2001NS3D

Function: 350V, 20A, Fast Recovery Diode

Package: TO-263S Type

Manufacturer: Rohm

Images:RF2001NS3D pdf pinout


RF2001NS3D is Super Fast Recovery Diode. A 350V, 20A Super Fast Recovery Diode is an electronic component designed to handle high voltage and high current levels while having fast recovery times. These diodes are commonly used in power electronic circuits, switching power supplies, and rectification applications where low switching losses and high-speed switching capabilities are essential.

Super Fast Recovery Diodes are specifically designed to minimize the reverse recovery time (trr) and reverse recovery charge (Qrr) compared to standard diodes. This reduces the diode’s turn-off losses and makes it suitable for high-frequency switching applications where fast switching times are critical to achieve high efficiency and minimize heat dissipation.


1. Ultra low switching loss

2. High current overload capacity

3. Cathode common dual type

Absolute maximum ratings (Tc=25C) Parameter Symbol Repetitive peak reverse voltage Reverse voltage VRM VR Average rectified forward current Io Forward current surge peak Junction temperature Storage temperature IFSM Tj Tstg Conditions Duty≤0.5 Direct voltage 60Hz half sin wave resistive load.


RF2001NS3D diode datasheet


1. General rectification

2. Switching power supplies and inverters

3. Motor control circuits

4. Flyback and forward converters

RF2001NS3D PDF Datasheet