RT8880A PDF Datasheet – Dual-Output PWM Controller

A dual-output PWM (Pulse Width Modulation) controller is an integrated circuit designed to generate two separate PWM signals simultaneously. PWM is a technique used to control the average value of a signal by varying the duty cycle of a square wave. It’s commonly used in applications like power supplies, motor control, lighting control, and more.

Part Number: RT8880A

Function: Dual-Output PWM Controller with 3 Integrated Drivers

Package: 52-Lead WQFN Type

Manufacturer: Richtek

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The RT8880A is a 3 + 2 phases PWM controller, and is compliant with AMD SVI2 Voltage Regulator Specification to support both CPU core (VDD) and Northbridge portion of the CPU (VDDNB). The RT8880A features CCRCOT (Constant Current Ripple Constant On-Time) with G-NAVP (Green-Native AVP), which is Richtek’s proprietary topology. The G-NAVP makes it an easy setting controller to meet all AMDAVP (Adaptive Voltage Positioning) VDD/ VDDNB requirements. The droop is easily programmed by setting the DC gain of the error amplifier.


1. 3/2/1-Phase (VDD) + 2/1-Phase (VDDNB) PWM Controller

2. 3 Embedded MOSFET Drivers

3. G-NAVPTM Topology

4. Support Dynamic Load-Line and Zero Load-Line

5. Diode Emulation Mode at Light Load Condition

6. SVI2 Interface to Comply with AMD Power Management Protocol

7. Build-in ADC for VOUT and IOUT Reporting

8. Immediate OV, UV and NV Protections and UVLO

9. Programmable Dual OCP Mechanism

10. 0.5% DAC Accuracy

11. Fast Transient Response

12. Power Good Indicator

13. Over-Current Indicator

RT8880A pinout datasheet

Dual-output PWM controllers are commonly used in various power management applications, such as isolated and non-isolated power supplies, DC-DC converters, motor drives, and more. They provide flexibility, precise control, and efficient power conversion, making them a fundamental component in modern electronics.


1. AMD SVI2 Mobile CPU

2. Laptop Computer

RT8880A PDF Datasheet