SCK0512 PDF Datasheet – 5 Ohm, 12A, NTC Themistor

Part Number: SCK0512

Function: NTC THERMISTOR ( 5 Ohm, 12A ) – SCK 20 Series

Manufacturer: Microtherm

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SCK0512 is 5 Ohm, 12A, NTC Themistor.

“NTC Thermistor” refers to a Negative Temperature Coefficient Thermistor. NTC Thermistor is a sensor whose resistance decreases with temperature. Because of these properties, they are widely used for temperature sensing or monitoring.

NTC Thermistor reacts sensitively to any temperature change because its resistance value decreases as the temperature rises. Using this property, it is used for temperature measurement and compensation, temperature control, temperature protection, and overheat detection in various devices and circuits.

They are used in many applications where temperature sensing is critical, mainly for temperature monitoring and control in automotive engines, electronic devices, household appliances, heating systems, medical devices, etc.


1. NTC Surge Protectors limit the current at switch on, particularly useful for high capacative/inductive loads.


SCK0512 PDF Datasheet