SDC2921 PDF Datasheet – Voltage Mode PWM Controller

Part Number: SDC2921

Function: Voltage Mode PWM Controller

Package: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SDC

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The SDC2921 is a Pulse–Width Modulation (PWM) control circuit with complete protection circuits for the SMPS (Switching Mode Power Supply). It contains various functions, can minimize external components of switching power supply systems in personal computer. […]


1. Complete PWM control and protection circuits

2. Over voltage protection for 3.3V/ 5V/ 12V/ PT

3. Under voltage protection for 3.3V/ 5V/ 12V

4. 280ms PG time delay

5. Open drain power good output

6. 280ms time delay for UVP

7. Remote ON/OFF function

8. Built-in soft-start function

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Pin Discriptions :

1 V33 OVP/UVP input for 3.3V
2 V5 OVP/UVP input for 5V
3 V12 OVP/UVP input for 12V
4 PT Extra OVP protection input
5 GND Ground
6 RT Oscillation frequency set by external resistor
7 C1 PWM open drain output 1
8 C2 PWM open drain output 2
9 REM Remote on/off input
10 SS Soft start function set by external capacitor
11 PG Power good signal
12 DET Extra protection input
13 VCC Supply voltage
14 OPOUT OP output
15 VIN- OP negative input
16 VIN+ OP positive input

SDC2921 Datasheet