This post explains for the semiconductor SFR05S40ETR.

The Part Number is SFR05S40ETR.

The function of this semiconductor is 400V SUPER-FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIER.

Manufacturer: Silan Microelectronics

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SFR05S40E_Datasheet 5A, 400V SUPER-FAST RECOVERY RECTIFIER GENERAL Description SFR05S40E is a Super-Fast Recovery Diode, fabricated in advanced silicon planar epitaxial technology. The process parameter and the device structure are fine tuned with optimized performance of forward voltage drop and reverse recovery time. Accuracy epitaxial dope control, advanced planar junction terminal structure and the platinum doped life control, guarantee the best overall performance, ruggedness and reliability characteristics. SFR05S40E is intended for use in the output rectification stage of SMPS, UPS, DC-DC converters as well as free-wheeling diode in low voltage inverters and chopper motor drivers. Features ∗ Ultrafast 35 Nanosecond Recovery Time ∗ Low Forward Voltage Drop ∗ Low Leakage Current ∗ 150 °C Operating Junction Temperature NOMENCLATURE ORDERING INFORMATION Part No. SFR05S40E SFR05S40ETR Package DO-201AD DO-201AD Marking SFR05S40E SFR05S40E Material Pb free Pb free Packin […]

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SFR05S40ETR Datasheet

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