SGL8022W PDF – DC LED Control Touch Chip

This post explains for the control touch chip.

The Part Number is SGL8022W.

The function of this semiconductor is Single-channel DC LED control touch chip.

The package is DIP, SOP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: SiGma Micro

Preview images :

SGL8022W pinout datasheet


SGL8022W is a single-channel touch chip for LED lightness regulation. This chip can control the
on-off state of LED light and regulate its lightness on a continuous range, which could be used on
incandescent and halogen.

(1) Lightness could be regulated optionally on a wide range with a low operational difficulty.
(2) High applicability. Touching function is still effective with the existance of medium (such as glass, arcrylic, plastic, ceram, etc.) isolation.


SGL8022W pdf


1. The function that regulate lightness of LED continuously without lightness-memory is based
on the first workng mode. When a touch operation switches the on-off state of LED, the
lightness will be regulated gradually to the corresponding level, which brings about a vision
protecting effect on users.

2. The function that regulate lightness continuously with lightness-memory is realized by adding
lightness-memory function based on the second function. In other words, on condition that
the 220VAC not being cut off, the lightness level when LED being turned off is memoried,
which will be set as the initial lightness when next touch operation turning on the LED. If 220V
AC is cut off, the initial lightness will be half of the maximum when the LED is reelectrified

SGL8022W Datasheet