STK4152II PDF Datasheet – AF Power Amplifier

This post explains for the semiconductor STK4152.

The Part Number is STK4152II.

The function of this semiconductor is AF Power Amplifier.

The package is ZIP 18 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Sanyo

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STK4152II pdf datasheet


This is Thick Film Hybrid IC. STK4152II is AF Power Amplifier (Split Power Supply). (30W + 30W min, THD = 0.4%).

An AF (Audio Frequency) power amplifier is an electronic circuit that amplifies low-frequency audio signals to drive speakers or headphones. The primary purpose of an AF power amplifier is to boost the audio signal’s power level to a sufficient level to produce audible sound through the connected output device, such as speakers.



• The STK4102II series (STK4152II) and STK4101V series (high-grade type) are pin-compatible in the output range of 6W to 50W and enable easy design.

• Small-sized package whose pin assignment is the same as that of the STK4101II series

• Built-in muting circuit to cut off various kinds of pop noise

• Greatly reduced heat sink due to substrate temperature 125°C guaranteed

• Excellent cost performance [ … ]

STK4152II pinout amplifier

AF power amplifiers are widely used in various audio systems, including home stereo systems, car audio systems, public address (PA) systems, and musical instrument amplifiers. They play a crucial role in delivering clear and powerful audio output to the listeners.

STK4152II PDF Datasheet