STV4100 PDF – 3.3-V Terrestrial Tuner IC

Part Number: STV4100

Function: Ultra-compact low-power 3.3-V terrestrial tuner IC

Package: VFQFPN-32 Type

Manufacturer: STMicroelectronics

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The STV4100 terrestrial tuner is a direct conversion (zero-IF) receiver with quadrature
outputs intended for digital TV broadcasting. On each VHF and UHF input is a low noise
amplifier with both switchable and variable gain to ensure an optimal signal level for the two mixers.

Each mixer, which down-converts the signal to baseband, is followed by a low-pass filter and amplifier. The baseband gain is programmable via a dedicated pin.

The LO signals are provided by an integrated PLL which contains an on-chip voltage controlled oscillator meeting stringent phase noise requirements. The LO frequencies are
programmable. […]

STV4100 pinout datasheet


1. RF-to-baseband direct conversion (IQ interface only)
2. Single 3.3-V DC supply
3. Input frequency range 174 to 230 MHz and 470 to 870 MHz
4. Fully integrated VCO
5. Harmonic rejection mixer stage
6. Fully integrated RF AGC with RF power monitoring
7. Programmable channel filter covers 6 to 8 MHz channel spacing
8. Low external component count
9. Low power consumption (625 mW typical)

STV4100 PDF Datasheet