TDA2030 PDF Datasheet – 14W HI-FI Audio Amplifier

This post explains for the audio amplifier.

The Part Number is TDA2030.

The function of this semiconductor is 14W HI-FI AUDIO AMPLIFIER.

The package is TO-220-5, TO-220B, TO-220B1 Type

Manufacturer: UTC ( Unisonic Technologies )

Preview images :

TDA2030 pdf pinout


The UTC TDA2030 is a monolithic audio power amplifier integrated circuit. A Hi-Fi (High-Fidelity) audio amplifier is an electronic device designed to accurately reproduce audio signals with high fidelity, ensuring that the output closely matches the original input audio in terms of clarity, accuracy, and low distortion. These amplifiers are a crucial component in high-quality audio systems, such as home stereo setups and professional audio equipment, where the reproduction of audio content with the utmost quality is essential.


1. Very low external component required.

2. High current output and high operating voltage.

3. Low harmonic and crossover distortion.

4. Built-in Over temperature protection.

5. Short circuit protection between all pins.

6. Safety Operating Area for output transistors.

TDA2030 datasheet amplifier


1. IN+ : Non inverting input

2. IN- : Inverting input

3. -VS : -VS

4. OUT : Output

5. +VS : +VS



TDA2030 PDF Datasheet