TDA8588AJ/R1CU – Amplifier and Multiple Voltage Regulator

Part Number: TDA8588AJ/R1CU

Function: Power Amplifier and Multiple Voltage Regulator

Package: SIP 37 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Philips


TDA8588AJ-R1CU datasheet


The TDA8588 has a complementary quad audio power amplifier that uses BCDMOS technology. It contains four amplifiers configured in Bridge Tied Load (BTL) to drive speakers for front and rear left and right channels. The I2C-bus allows diagnostic information of each amplifier and its speaker to be read separately. Both front and both rear channel amplifiers can be configured independently in line driver mode with a gain of 20 dB (differential output). […]


TDA8588AJR1CU pinout


1. Programmable thermal protection pre-warning
2. Independent short-circuit protection per channel
3. Low gain line driver mode (20 dB)
4. Loss-of-ground and open VP safe
5. All outputs protected from short-circuit to ground, to VP or across the load
6. All pins protected from short-circuit to ground
7. Soft thermal-clipping to prevent audio holes
8. Low battery detection

Other data sheets are available within the file: TDA8588J, TDA8588AJ, TDA8588JBJ

TDA8588AJ/R1CU Datasheet