TNY177PN PDF Datasheet – Offline Switcher

This post explains for the Offline Switcher.

The Part Number is TNY177PN.

The function of this semiconductor is Energy Efficient, Offline Switcher.

Manufacturer: Power Integrations

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The TinySwitch-III family of offline switchers are designed for low-power offline applications, providing integrated features such as a power MOSFET, oscillator, PWM control, and protection circuitry in a single chip. These ICs are commonly used in power supply applications for consumer electronics, appliances, LED lighting, and other low-power systems.

The TNY177PN offers benefits such as high efficiency, low standby power consumption, and compact size. It incorporates Power Integrations’ EcoSmart technology to optimize energy usage and enable compliance with various energy efficiency standards.


TNY177PN pinout datasheet

Lowest System Cost with Enhanced Flexibility:

• 650 V rating optimized for non-active PFC applications
• Simple ON/OFF control, no loop compensation needed
• Selectable current limit through BP/M capacitor value
• Higher current limit extends peak power or, in open frame applications, maximum continuous power
• Lower current limit improves efficiency in enclosed adapters/ chargers
• Allows optimum TinySwitch-LT choice by swapping devices with no other circuit redesign
• Tight I2f parameter tolerance reduces system cost
• Maximizes MOSFET and magnetics power delivery
• Minimizes max overload power, reducing cost of transformer, primary clamp & secondary components
• ON-time extension – extends low-line regulation range/hold-up time to reduce input bulk capacitance
• Self-biased: no bias winding or bias components
• Frequency jittering reduces EMI filter costs
• Pin-out simplifies heat sinking to the PCB

TNY177PN PDF Datasheet