UAA4002 PDF – IC Control and Driver for Lamp

Part Number: UAA4002, UAA4002DP

Function: Control Circuit for Fast Switching Transistors

Pakcage: DIP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: ST Microelectronics



It is a specialized IC designed for controlling and driving fluorescent lamps in electronic ballast applications.

The UAA4002 is part of the UAA4000 series of ICs, which were developed for use in compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) ballasts. These ICs provide control and protection features required for operating fluorescent lamps efficiently.

Fast switching transistors, also known as high-speed transistors, are electronic devices designed to switch quickly between the on and off states. These transistors have characteristics that enable them to rapidly transition between conducting and non-conducting states, making them suitable for high-frequency applications and digital circuits that require fast switching speeds.




1. Lamp Control: The IC integrates the necessary circuitry to control the operation of the fluorescent lamp, including preheat, ignition, and lamp current regulation. It ensures reliable lamp starting and provides stable lamp current during operation.

2. Frequency Control: The IC incorporates a frequency control circuit that determines the operating frequency of the electronic ballast. The frequency affects the lamp’s behavior and performance, including its output light level and power consumption.

3. Lamp Protection: The UAA4002 includes built-in protection features to safeguard the lamp and the ballast circuitry. These protections include end-of-life detection, over-temperature protection, and protection against abnormal lamp conditions.

4. Dimming Capabilities: Some versions of the IC may have dimming capabilities, allowing for the adjustment of lamp brightness. This can be achieved by modulating the control signal to the IC.

UAA4002 PDF Datasheet

UAA4002 pdf