A3213EUA-T Datasheet PDF – Hall-Effect Switch

Part Number: A3213EUA-T

Function: Micropower Ultra-Sensitive Hall-Effect Switch

Package: SIP, SOT23-W Type

Manufacturer: Allegro MicroSystems


A3213EUA-T datasheet



The A3213 and A3214, A3213EUA-T integrated circuits are ultra-sensitive, pole-independent Hall-effect switches with a latched digital output. They are especially suited for operation in batteryoperated, hand-held equipment such as cell and cordless telephones and palmtop computers.

Improved stability is made possible through chopper stabilization (dynamic offset cancellation), which reduces the residual offset voltage normally caused by device overmolding, temperature dependencies, and thermal stress.




1. AEC-Q100 automotive qualified
2. Micropower operation
3. Operate with north or south pole
4. 2.4 to 5.5 V battery operation
5. Chopper stabilized
(1) Superior temperature stability
(2) Extremely low switchpoint drift
(3) Insensitive to physical stress

6. High ESD protection
7. Solid-state reliability
8. Small size
9. Easily assembly into applications due to magnetic pole independence

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