AADG812YRU Datasheet PDF – Quad SPST Switch – AD

Part Number: AADG812YRU

Correct Part Number: ADG812YRU


0.5 Ohm CMOS 1.65 V to 3.6 V Quad SPST Switch

Package: TSSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices

Image and Pinout:

AADG812YRU Datasheet



The ADG811, ADG812,and ADG813 are low voltage CMOS devices containing four independently selectable switches. These switches offer ultra low on resistance of less than0.8 Ω over the full temperature range.The digital inputs can handle 1.8 V logic with a 2.7 V to3.6 V supply.


1. 0.5 Ω typ on resistance
2. 0.8 Ω max on resistance at 125°C
3. 1.65 Vto 3.6 V operation
4. Automotive temperature range: –40°Cto +125°C
5. High current carrying capability: 300 mA continuous
6. Rail-to-rail switching operation
7. Fast switching times: <25 ns
8. Typical power consumption < 0.1 µW

AADG812YRU Datasheet


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