AD8191 Datasheet PDF – 4:1 HDMI/DVI Switch

Part Number: AD8191

Function: 4:1 HDMI/DVI Switch with Equalization

Package: 100-Lead Low Profile Quad Flat Package [LQFP] Type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD8191 datasheet



The AD8191 is a HDMI/DVI switch featuring equalized TMDS inputs and pre-emphasized TMDS outputs, ideal for systems with long cable runs. Outputs can be set to a high impedance state to reduce the power dissipation and/or allow the construction of larger arrays using the wire-OR technique. Flexible channel bundling modes (for both the TMDS channels and the auxiliary signals) allow the AD8191 to be configured as a 4:1 single HDMI/DVI link switch, a dual 8:1 switch, or a single 16:1 switch


1. Four inputs, one output HDMI™/DVI links
2. Four TMDS channels per link
3. Supports 250 Mbps to 1.65 Gbps data rates
4. Supports 25 MHz to 165 MHz pixel clocks
5. Equalized inputs for operation with long HDMI cables (20 meters at 1080p)
6. Fully buffered unidirectional inputs/outputs
7. Globally switchable, 50 Ω on-chip terminations
8. Pre-emphasized outputs
9. Low added jitter
10. Single-supply operation (3.3 V)


1. Multiple input displays

2. Projectors

3. A/V receivers

4. Set-top boxes

5. Advanced television (HDTV) sets

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