AD8350 Datasheet PDF – 1GHz, Differential Amplifier

Part Number: AD8350

Function: Low Distortion 1.0 GHz Differential Amplifier

Package: 8-Lead SOIC, 8-Lead microSOIC Package

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD8350 datasheet



The AD8350 series are high performance fully-differential amplifiers useful in RF and IF circuits up to 1000 MHz. The amplifier has excellent noise figure of 5.9 dB at 250 MHz. It offers a high output third order intercept (OIP3) of +28 dBm at 250 MHz. Gain versions of 15 dB and 20 dB are offered. The AD8350 is designed to meet the demanding performance requirements of communications transceiver applications. It enables a high dynamic range differential signal chain, with exceptional linearity and increased common-mode rejection. The device can be used as a general purpose gain block, an A-to-D driver, and high speed data interface driver, among other functions. The AD8350 input can also be used as a single ended-to-differential converter.


1. High Dynamic Range
2. Output IP3: +28 dBm: Re 50 @ 250 MHz
3. Low Noise Figure: 5.9 dB @ 250 MHz
4. –3 dB Bandwidth: 1.0 GHz
5. Single Supply Operation: 5 V to 10 V
6. Supply Current: 28 mA
7. Input/Output Impedance: 200
8. Single-Ended or Differential Input Drive


1. Cellular Base Stations
2. Communications Receivers
3. RF/IF Gain Block
4. Differential A-to-D Driver
5. SAW Filter Interface
6. Single-Ended-to-Differential Conversion
7. High Performance Video
8. High Speed Data Transmission

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