AD84064 Datasheet PDF – DC-DC Buck Converter IC – Shenzhen

Part Number: AD84064

Function: DC-DC buck converter IC

Package: Qipai8, DIP 8 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Universal Microelectronic


AD84064 is a DC-DC buck converter IC, containing temperature-compensated reference voltage source (1.25V), a comparator, to have Effect limit the current and control the duty cycle of the oscillator, driver and high current output switch tubes, etc., with a small amount of external components, can form DC-DC step-down circuit.

Pinout :
AD84064 Datasheet Pinout


1. Wide operating voltage range: 3.0V ~ 30V;
2. Output current limit and output current protection;
3. Quiescent current is small;
4. Output tube current of 0.8A;
5. Operating frequency up to 120KHz;
6. The output voltage range is as follows:
7. AD84064: 5.0V ± 2.5%;

Block Diagram :

AD84064 Block Diagram

Circuit :

AD84064 Circuit


AD84064 Datasheet PDF

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