AD84064Q Datasheet – DC-DC Step-Down Circuit ( PDF )

Part Number: AD84064

Function: DC-DC step-down circuit

Package: DIP 8 PIN

Manufacturer: Shenzhen Universal Microelectronic

AD84064Q pinout


AD84064Q is a DC-DC step-down converter integrated circuit, including a temperature-compensated reference voltage source (1.25V), a comparator, an oscillator that can effectively limit the current and control the working cycle, a driver and a high-current output switch tube, etc. With a small number of components, a DC-DC step-down circuit can be formed. Compared with 34063 products, it can achieve switching-mode buck converters with the least external components, and is widely used in automotive chargers, DC buck converters and other products.

The IC is a DC-DC buck converter

IC, containing a temperature-compensated reference voltage source (1.25V).

The composition can be DC-DC step-down circuit. Compared with the 34,063 products can be achieved with a minimum of external components constitute switching buck converter, widely applicable.

AD84064Q datasheet

AD84064Q Datasheet PDF

AD84064 pdf


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