AD85063 Datasheet – DC-DC Buck Converter ( PDF )

Part Number: AD85063

Function: DC-DC buck converter

Package: SOP-8, DIP-8 Type

Manufacturer: XinJinShang


AD85063 datasheet converter


The AD85063 family is an integrated circuit dedicated to the control section of a DC-DC buck converter. The chip integrates a temperature-compensated bandgap reference circuit, a duty cycle control oscillator, driver, and a high-current output switch. Compared to the MC34063, the switch-type buck converter can be constructed with a minimum of external components.


AD85063 pinout


1. Car Charger.
2. DC buck converter and other products.
3. Kids toys.
4. Card sound.

Characteristics :

1. Less external circuit components, suitable for low-cost charger solutions such as car chargers
2. Large operating voltage range: 7.0V~40V
3. The maximum continuous current is 1.0A
4. Short circuit current protection function
5. Low quiescent current

AD85063 Datasheet

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