AD9772A Datasheet – 14-bit, Digital to-analog Converter

Part Number: AD9772A

Function: 0.3-7V; 14-bit, 160MSPS TxDAC+ with 2X interpolation filter

Package: 48-lead LQFP type

Manufacturer: Analog Devices


AD9772A datasheet


The AD9772A is a single-supply, oversampling, 14-bit digital to-analog converter (DAC) optimized for baseband or IF waveform reconstruction applications requiring exceptional dynamic range. Manufactured on an advanced CMOS process, it integrates a complete, low distortion 14-bit DAC with a 2× digital interpolation filter and clock multiplier. The on-chip PLL clock multiplier provides all the necessary clocks for the digital filter and the 14-bit DAC. A flexible differential clock input
allows for a single-ended or differential clock driver for optimum jitter performance.


1. Single 3.1 V to 3.5 V supply
2. 14-bit DAC resolution and input data width
3. 160 MSPS input data rate
4. 67.5 MHz reconstruction pass band @ 160 MSPS
5. 74 dBc SFDR @ 25 MHz
6. 2× interpolation filter with high- or low-pass response
7. 73 dB image rejection with 0.005 dB pass-band ripple
8. Zero-stuffing option for enhanced direct IF performance
9. Internal 2×/4× clock multiplier
10. 250 mW power dissipation; 13 mW with power-down mode


1. Communication transmit channel
2. W-CDMA base stations, multicarrier base stations, direct IF synthesis, wideband cable systems
3. Instrumentation

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