ADC0820CCJ Datasheet – 8-bit A/D Converter ( PDF )

Part Number: ADC0820CCJ

Function: CMOS high speed 8-bit A/D converter with track/hold function.

Package: CERDIP 20 Pin type

Manufacturer: Maxim Integrated

Image and Pinouts:

ADC0820CCJ datasheet



The ADC0820CCJ is a high speed, microprocessor compatible, 8 bit analog-to-digital conveter which uses a half-flash techique to achieve a conversion time of 1.4us.

The converter has a 0V to +5V analog input range and uses a single +5V supply.

A built-in track-and-hold function is included, eliminating the neeed for an external track-and-hold for input slew rates up to 100mV / us.



1. Fast conversion time

2. Built-in Track-and-hold Function

3. No External Clock


1. Digital Signal Processing

2. High speed data acquistion

3. Telecommunications

4. High Speed servo loops

5. Audio systems

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