AKM4384 Datasheet – 192kHz, 24-Bit 2ch, DAC ( PDF )

Part Number: AKM4384

Function: 106dB, 192kHz, 24-Bit 2ch ΔΣ DAC

Package: TSSOP 16 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Asahi Kasei Microdevices

Image and Pinouts:

AKM4384 datasheet



The AK4384 offers the perfect mix for cost and performance based audio systems. Using AKM’s multi bit architecture for its modulator the AK4384 delivers a wide dynamic range while preserving linearity for improved THD+N performance.

The AK-4384 integrates a combination ofSCF and CTF filters increasing performance for systems with excessive clock jitter. The 24 Bit word length and 192kHz sampling rate make this part ideal for a wide range of applicationsincluding DVD-Audio. The device is offered in a space saving 16pin TSSOP package.


1. Sampling Rate Ranging from 8kHz to 192kHz
2. 128 times Oversampling (Normal Speed Mode)
3. 64 times Oversampling (Double Speed Mode)
4. 32 times Oversampling (Quad Speed Mode)
5. 24-Bit 8 times FIR Digital Filter
6. SCF with High Tolerance to Clock Jitter
7. 2nd order Analog LPF
8. Single Ended Output Buffer
9. Digital de-emphasis for 32k, 44.1k and 48kHz sampling
10. Soft mute
11. Digital Attenuator (Linear 256 steps)

Other data sheets are available within the file:

AK4384ET, AK4384VT, AKD-4384


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AKM4384 pdf