AM1802 Datasheet PDF – ARM Microprocessor

Part Number: AM1802

Function: ARM Microprocessor

Package: 361-Ball Grid Array (PBGA) Type

Manufacturer: Texas Instruments

Image and Pinouts:

AM1802 datasheet



The AM1802 ARM microprocessor is a low-power applications processor based on ARM926EJ-S. The device enables original-equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and original-design manufacturers (ODMs) to quickly bring to market devices featuring robust operating systems support, rich user interfaces, and high processing performance life through the maximum flexibility of a fully integrated mixed processor solution.


• 300-MHz ARM926EJ-S™ RISC MPU

• ARM926EJ-S Core
– 32-Bit and 16-Bit ( Thumb®) Instructions
– Single-Cycle MAC
– ARM Jazelle®Technology
– Embedded ICE-RT™ for Real-Time Debug

• ARM9™ Memory Architecture
– 16KB of Instruction Cache
– 16KB of Data Cache
– 8KB of RAM (Vector Table)
– 64KB of ROM

• Enhanced Direct Memory Access Controller 3(EDMA3):
– 2 Channel Controllers
– 3 Transfer Controllers
– 64 Independent DMA Channels
– 16 Quick DMA Channels
– Programmable Transfer Burst Size

• 128KB of On-Chip Memory

• 1.8-V or 3.3-V LVCMOS I/Os (Except for USB and DDR2 Interfaces)

• Two External Memory Interfaces:

• 16-Bit SDRAM with 128-MB Address Space
– DDR2/Mobile DDR Memory Controller with one of the following:

• Three Configurable 16550-Type UART Modules:
– With Modem Control Signals
– 16-Byte FIFO
– 16x or 13x Oversampling Option

Other data sheets are available within the file: AM1802BZCED3, AM1802BZWTD3, AM1802ZCE, AM1802ZWT

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