AM29LV001B Datasheet PDF – 1 Megabit Flash Memory – AMD

Part Number: AM29LV001B

Function: 1 Megabit (128 K x 8-Bit),  Flash Memory

Package: TSOP, PLCC 32 Pin Type

Manufacturer: Advanced Micro Devices


AM29LV001B datasheet



The Am29LV001B is a 1 Mbit, 3.0 Volt-only Flash memory device organized as 131,072 bytes. The Am29LV001B has a boot sector architecture. The device is offered in 32-pin PLCC and 32-pin TSOP packages. The byte-wide (x8) data appears on DQ7–DQ0. All read, erase, and program operations are accomplished using only a single power supply. The device can also be programmed in standard EPROM programmers.


1. Single power supply operation
(1) Full voltage range: 2.7 to 3.6 volt read and write operations for battery-powered applications
(2) Regulated voltage range: 3.0 to 3.6 volt read and write operations and for compatibility with high performance 3.3 volt microprocessors

2. Manufactured on 0.35 μm process technology
3. High performance
(1) Full voltage range: access times as fast as 55 ns
(2) Regulated voltage range: access times as fast as 45 ns

4. Ultra low power consumption (typical values at 5 MHz)
(1) 200 nA Automatic Sleep mode current
(2) 200 nA standby mode current
(3) 7 mA read current
(4) 15 mA program/erase current

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