AML8726-M3 PDF Datasheet – Multimedia Processor

Part Number: AML8726-M3

Function: Multimedia processor designed for Tablet/MID, Set Top Box (STB), TV

Package: 445‐ball LFBGA, RoHS compliant, 17x17mm

Manufacturer: Amlogic


AML8726-M3 datasheet pdf


AML8726‐M3 is an advanced connected multimedia processor designed for Tablet/MID, Set Top Box (STB), TV and high‐end media player applications. It integrates powerful CPU/GPU, and a state‐of‐the‐art video decoding engine with all major peripherals to form the ultimate low power multimedia SoC.

The integrated processor is an ARM Cortex‐A9 CPU with 32KB L1 instruction and 32K data cache and a large 128KB L2 unified cache to improve system performance. In addition, the Cortex‐A9 CPU includes the NEON SIMD co‐processor to improve software media processing capability. The ARM Cortex‐A9 CPU can run up to 1GHz and has a wide bus connecting to the
memory sub‐system. […]


• ARM Cortex‐A9 CPU up to 1GHz frequency and 2500DMIPS

• ARMv7 instruction set, multi‐issue superscalar, out‐of‐order architecture

• 32KB instruction cache and 32KB data cache

• 128KB Unified L2 cache

• Advanced NEON and VFP co‐processor

AML8726-M3 Datasheet