AML8726-MX PDF Datasheet – Multimedia Application Processor

Part Number: AML8726-MX

Function: Highly integrated multimedia application processor SoC

Package: BGA Type

Manufacturer: Amlogic


AML8726-MX datasheet pdf


Amlogic AML8726-MX is a highly integrated multimedia application processor SoC for Multimedia Internet Device (MID), tablet and Set Top Box (STB). It integrates a powerful CPU, a 2D/3D graphics subsystem and a state-of-the-art video decoding engine together with all major peripherals.

The device integrates three LCD panel timing controllers: TTL, LVDS, and mLVDS. TTL should be used with TTL type LCD panel, LVDS is for LVDS type LCD panel, and mLVDS is for mini-LVDS type LCD panel. This document is a user guide of IC TTL interface for TTL LCD panel timing control only. This document describes:

1. RGB data output

2. TCON signals

3. LCD Basic

4. LCD Timing

5. LCD Effect

6. Android Driver

7. Register address mapping

8. Register description […]


AML8726-MX Datasheet