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Part Number: AMT630

Features : Video Display Controller

Package: 64 Pin LQFP Type



AMT630 controller


AMT630 is a highly integrated video control SoC with Digital LCD/TFT panel displaying controller and could support parallel RGB panel, sRGB panel,ITU656 panel, digital TCON and CPU panel. AMT630 integrates a video decoder and an Analog TFT‐LCD Panel Control. It accepts analog NTSC / PAL / SECAM CVBS signals and S‐Video from TV tuner, DVD, or VCR sources, including weak and distorted signals. Automatic gain control (AGC) and 9‐bit 2‐channel A/D converters provide high resolution video quantization, with automatic video source and mode detection. User can easily switch and adjust variety of signal source.

Multiple internal adaptive PLL could precisely extract pixel clock from  video  source  and  perform  sharp‐and‐keen  color  demodulation.  Build‐in  line  buffer  supports  adaptive  2‐D comb‐filter, 2‐D sharpening, and synchronization stable in a condense manner. Build‐in On Screen Display (OSD) module is very flexiable and easy programming. DC/DC, DC/AC, VCOM, etc. modules are cost effective for low cost
and small area PCB solutions.

AMT630 datasheet pinout


1. Composite and S‐Video Inputs; Multiple standards supported: NTSC and NTSC‐Japan; PAL (B, D, G, H, I, M, N, etc.); SECAM;

2. Four Analog Inputs: 1xCVBS+1xS‐Video or 3xCVBS Inputs

3. Analog and Digital AGC

4. 9‐Bit 2‐Channel A/D Converters with Fixed Sampling Clock
5. Only One Crystal (24 MHz) required for All Standards

6. Internal PLL to Generate Video Clock

7. Adaptive 2‐D Comb Filter for Luminance and Chrominance Separation

8. Precise Chrominance Demodulation

9. Internal Buffers for Video Stability Control

10. Video Noise Reduction

AMT630 Datasheet


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